AUS Tax Return Form

Tax year 1st July - 30th June

You will be an Australian resident for taxation purposes if you:

  • Are domiciled in Australia and don't have a permanent place of abode outside Australia;
  • Are in Australia for more than 183 days of a financial year; or
  • Receive contributions as a member of an Australian government superannuation scheme.

Providing answers to the questions below will assist us to determine whether you are a resident of Australia for tax purposes.

Tick this box if no return is necessary. Price will be reduced to £149.
By completing this form you are instructed Marine Accounts to act on your behalf with completing a tax return for the tax years you have chosen to file for.

We appreciate the time taken to complete the above questionnaire. This will help us to promptly prepare your tax return with minimal questions once we commence.

If based on the above questions we determine that you are a resident of Australia for tax purposes, we will need details of your worldwide income in order to prepare your Australian tax return. This will include tax returns lodged overseas, payment summaries from employers, any investment earnings and expenses in relation to your work and investments.

If you are required to include your worldwide income on your Australian tax return you will generally receive a tax credit for tax paid overseas. This means that an Australian tax liability will generally only arise to the extent that the applicable tax rate in Australia is greater than the foreign country. Double tax agreements with foreign countries may also prevent income from being included in your tax return. By providing the information requested above you will allow us to legally minimise your Australian tax liability.