File a Tax Return

Filing a Tax Return with Marine Accounts

Marine Accounts has the knowledge & experience to quickly and efficiently complete returns for yacht crew in the UK, ESP, FR, US, CA, AUS & NZ. Having worked in the industry ourselves, we have an inside understanding of the challenges those working on superyachts face.

Understanding that yacht crew don’t always have access to the same facilities those living onshore do, our unique paperless process significantly reduces the amount of time and work for our clients.

We specialise in the following areas.

  • Filing under the Seafarers Earnings Deduction (SED) with HMRC
  • Filing as resident or non-resident with the ATO & IRD
  • Filing under the 911 exclusion with the IRS.

Now that the open exchange of information has enabled the G20 to scrutinise offshore holdings accounts and trusts, there has never been a more pressing time to get your tax affairs in order.

Start the process today by selecting your country below.

Tax Returns
UK £205
ESP £375
FR £445
US £550
NZ £249
AUS £299 / £149 if return not necessary
If a residency ruling is required to support your tax return fees will be increased to £495
CA £395