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If you have a dispute with your tax authority regarding a return, Marine Accounts is here to help. We have represented numerous clients this year alone challenging their fines and tax bills. So far this year we have returned over 100k to clients. We find that quite often tax liabilities can arise from the smallest of errors such as ticking the wrong box or filing a return as resident.

The new penalty schemes that have been unveiled by HMRC & the ATO often lead to clients owing far more than their original tax bill. Please find below examples of these new schemes:

Late Filing Late Payment Penalty
Missing filing deadline £100
30 days late 5% of tax due
3 months late Daily penalty £10 per day for up to 90 days (max £900)
6 months late 5% of tax due or £300, if greater
6 months late 5% of tax outstanding at that date
12 months late 5% or £300, if greater unless the tax payer is held to be deliberately witholding information that would enable the HMRC to assess the tax due.
12 months late 5% of tax outstanding at that date
12 months and tax holder deliberately witholds information Based on behaviour:
  • deliberate and concealed witholding 100% of tax due, or £300 if greater.
  • deliberate but not concealed 70% of tax due, or £300 if greater.
Reductions apply for prompted and unprompted disclosures and telling, giving and helping.

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